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George Oze

George Oze

Whitehouse Station, NJ


Biography: George Oze is Hungarian-born, American photographer who lives in New Jersey, USA. Heís interest for photography emerged early in his childhood when started experimenting with his Dadís range finder camera. His passion to pursue art and photography continued during his college years when he got involved with photography and worked for the University Press as a volunteer photojournalist. George is a busy professional with science and business degrees and extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry. He had the opportunity to travel on business and private and felt drawn back to his creative/artistic side as he began to take pictures again to capture the beauty of the places he visited.

Photography for him started out as a hobby and eventually turned into life-long passion and side business as George wanted to offer/share his photographic vision with other artists/the world. Georgeís work is primarily sold through photo agencies to professional photo researchers as he has limited time to market his own images. . George combines traditional photography and digital technology to create his vibrant art form. Most of his work includes vivid travel and sweeping landscape images and recently experimenting with the fine art abstract genre.


Chapel on the Hill by George Oze


Zijlpoort City Gate in Leiden by George Oze


Small Crooked Lock-house in Amsterdam by George Oze


Zijlpoort one of the two City Gates of Leiden by George Oze


Autumn Scenic at the Schoefield Ford Covered Bridge by George Oze


Hong Kong Night Skyline by George Oze


Little Door Surrounded by Ivy by George Oze


Arch with the View of the Tuscan Countryside by George Oze


Canal and Windmill in Leiden at Night by George Oze


Amsterdam Cat by George Oze


Classic Bikes in Amsterdam by George Oze


Charming Old Gabled House by George Oze


Small Drawbridge over a Canal by George Oze


Old Ships a Windmill and a Drawbridge at Sunset by George Oze


Narrow Medieval Street of Sermoneta by George Oze


Amsterdan Central Row Houses by George Oze


Windmill and Drawbridge by George Oze


Cork Hospitality by George Oze


Happy Doorway by George Oze


Sermoneta Alley by George Oze


Sycamore Trees Along the Tiber River by George Oze


Garden with Flowers and Orange Tree by George Oze


Street View in San Quirico by George Oze


Beautiful Rear End of a Classic Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray A by George Oze


Vintage Tail Light by George Oze


Old Lock on the Ninfa Creek by George Oze


Riverside Walkway by George Oze


The Fish Wife by George Oze


Desoto Firedome by George Oze


Ready for a Saturday Night Cruise by George Oze


Traditional Chinese Tea Kettle on a Market Stand at Night by George Oze


Imposing View of the Tian Tan Buddha by George Oze


Rolling Hills of the Tuscan Countryside by George Oze


Group of Tuscan Cypress Trees by George Oze


Creek in Lush Garden with Ruins by George Oze


Poppies Filled Meadow by George Oze


Colorful Buddhist Monastery by George Oze


Tuscan Dream Cottage by George Oze


Tuscan Vineyard by George Oze


Street in Montalcino with the Castle Tower by George Oze


Birch Trees in Afternoon Light by George Oze


Small Chapel in a Tuscan Wheat Field Surrounded by Cypress Trees by George Oze


Sunset View of Rome from The Villa Borghese by George Oze


Orange Tree and a Stone Wall by George Oze


Close Up View of Red Poppies in a Field by George Oze


Rolling Hills with Farms in Val d'Orcia by George Oze


Rolling Tuscan Farmland by George Oze


Ancient Bridge Over The Ninfa Creek by George Oze